Take Your Workout to the Extreme Level For Real Results

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In the light of this realization, we have reduced the difficulty levels of some of the p90x workouts in order to make them suitable for people who do not have a fitness level which can sustain the extremities of p90x workouts. One such program is the p90, excluding the ?factor. This program serves as a 90 day precursor to the p90x program and prepares your body to move onto the extreme version in a more timely fashion.

The p90, other than containing preparation programs for the extreme version, contains a lot of added things which would help you achieve great results without having to indulge in the extreme nature of the p90x. These things include a complete nutrition guide, Tony Horton抯 supplement guide and a full throttle power diet plan. It must be realized that this is just a preparation course and that finally, on completion of the p90, you would have to graduate to the extreme level. This program is also known as the power 90- home boot-up camp and uses Tony Horton抯 trademark techniques to work up your body to the desired levels, without having to put in more than half an hour a day. Some of the common exercise routines included in the program are discussed in the rest of the write-up.

There are primarily four routines which are designed in a manner that they need to be done in the given order. The order is as follows- Sculpt circuit 1-2, sweat cardio 1-2, sculpt circuit 3-4 and sweat cardio 3-4.

The sculpt circuit 1-2 is a basic program containing basic pulls, pushes and crunches, which are soft, yet help in toning those smaller muscle groups, which otherwise are relatively under-worked or un-worked at all. This routine ideally lasts for 36 minutes in the learning phase. Once you know all the routines, you can complete the whole routine within 10 minutes. The second routine is the sweat cardio 1-2, which, as the name suggests, aims at burning that flab. It is a cardiovascular routine which aims at warming up your body and muscle groups before you can move onto more particular routines. The cardio 1-2 aims at working up your muscles without over-exercising and is therefore essential before moving onto more stringent exercises. This routine can also be done before playing a game or going in for a jog.

The sculpt circuit 3-4 is a graduation over the sculpt circuit 1-2 and aims at working up and toning upper body muscles in particular. Back, chest, shoulders and arms are taken care of when you indulge yourself in the sculpt circuit-34. the cardio 3-4 is the last step towards going extreme and burns far more sweat than the cardio 1-2. once you are comfortable with the cardio 3-4, it is an indication that you must graduate yourself to the extreme version of the p90 workout plan.

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