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All started so well. You started changing the way you eat a more balanced diet nutrious. Then you began to exercise and the fat begins to drop. But suddenly everything stopped when you thought everything went well. You may wonder what was going on in your weight loss program now. You think anything and take everything that could be useful in your weight loss program. This article helps you to realize what really happened and where evil.

What really happened? When you changed the way you eat by reducing your caloric intake slightly and started exercising, you are burning more calories than your body has been taken from the original loss of fat. And now, when your body is smaller than you are still burning the same amount of calories you take, and thus not lose all visible fat. You are just maintaining. Is this really the case?

What are you doing now? There are two simple options. The achievement of these options can help you avoid hitting a plateau of weight loss. They are: Be careful

reducing your caloric intake. Do not restrict too. If you restrict it too much your body will go into starvation mode. It will not be useful and it will only store the fat and calories that this will make the scenario even worse. Aim to reduce your caloric intake by about 20%. Certainly, we must take not more than that.

Increase the amount of physical activity that you do. Also change your daily routine physical. This gives the idea that the body has adapted to the routine you were doing before, and a trend that your body is accustomed to the daily routine and burn the same amount of fat all over. So, you now need to give a little spice or by increasing the intensity interval training or changing your weight training routine designed to make you burn more fat when you gain extra weight .

With these 2 easy options you should be able to get your body burning that excess fat again and say goodbye to this plateau. Keep an eye on your action is recommended so that you know if you have reached a plateau at the beginning. In this way, you will be able to burn fats successfully or otherwise you waste weeks of effort even before you have done.
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