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There have been many changes as far as the expectations for women over the past few decades. From women desire for furthering their careers to their overall appearance, much has changed from year to year. Today females are confronted with pressures about obesity, cosmetic surgery, and even growing old.

For Many of our parents the largest decision about the signs of getting old was whether or not to color their hair, or grow old gracefully. Lokking back, this question seems simple, even funny to have to ponder. Women, once concentrated on growing their family and home life, are now confronted with a whole new reality. Women are {shown on TV or in movies as nothing less than perfect. How many times is it that you see over weight, average looking ladies staring in movies, TV shows and even advertisements? The answer is never. Women today feel a pressure to constantly stick to a diet, alter their appearance with procedures and to remain young looking no matter how old.

Many ladies will tell you that they feel no pressure, but that it is their own decision to change their look. And that may, in fact, be honest. However society places expectations, consciously or unconsciously, on our women. This fact is most noted by the vast number of young women who receive fake boobs. Many of these girls are not even old enough to drive a car but are being influenced to have such procedures. If that expectation is not placed by society than by who is it placed by? And as {{{women}females}}} grow older, and the signs of aging become more obvious, more and more ladies are reaching for hopeful solutions to simply stop the process.

This fact is evidenced by the large amounts of anti wrinkle products currently on the market. Cosmeceutical companies have been cashing in on this indulgence by creating anti wrinkle and anti aging creams and serums for public consumption. With costly surgeries not being available for the average American, over the counter formulas are the newest thing. Promises of eliminating wrinkles and preventing future ones have women and men, quite frankly, rushing to purchase these formulas. The fact that some of these products actually do reduce many signs of aging only seems to be adding to the hysteria. But is the consuption of these products and the pressures for ladies to remain looking youthful too much for women to endure?

As a society we have seen the consequences that focusing on weight loss can have for women and men. The embarassement and lack of self confidence of many people because they do not conform to the norm of what a body should look like are overwhelming. Do we really want to follow this same thought process with the appearance of wrinkles as well? Unlike obesity, wrinkles and other signs of aging are inevitable. One may be able to prevent gaining weight but its impossible to avoid aging. Everyone will grow old and everyone will die. What type of emotional disaster are we setting ourselves up for??

No one is claiming that anti wrinkle wrinkle are bad, or should be avoided by any means. If women and men feel more confident by using the products then these products should be available. The opinion of this author is simply that as Americans we have a habit to use things in excess, and as a result have excessive expectations. Scientific breakthroughs in the anti wrinkle market are great, I just hope that our country does not exert undo pressure on females to remain youthful, when aging is simply inevitable.

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